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Tili Sydwest

Tili Sydwest is an authorized member of the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms. Only accounting firms of the highest quality are allowed to use the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms mark. Tili Sydwest is one of these firms.

Authorized member of the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms.

Tili Sydwest is a complete financial administrator. Our company was established in 1988.

Our employees are professional and well educated. The liable persons have the KLT-degree.

Our company is private owned and independent. Creditors or a central business cannot without permission have right to get confidential information of the clients.
Tili Sydwest helps new establishments to start. We are experts of choosing right company form and to make all documents to set-up and register a branch or a new establishment. We can give you calculations, review of your business idea and advice of making credit applications.

Contact us, if you are planning to change the company form, to buy a business or to make an alteration of generations.

The authorized accounting firm of Tili Sydwest takes care of your bookkeeping, accounting, tax returns, tax advice and consultation, payroll calculations, invoicing, payments, debt-collecting, financial statements, business administration, management services and trustee operations.

Our liable KLT economists are managing our actions.


We give guarantee of the first class quality of our work. The Institute for Accountancy and KLT-accountant is regularly inspecting and auditing the authorized accounting firms to guarantee that the quality is kept on a high level. The criteria for membership in The Association of Finnish Accounting Firms are strict. The responsible KLT accountants have the degree Finnish KLT Accounting Examination. It is a professional degree for persons who already have their basic economic education and experience of professional accounting.

Our quality system to protect the information in the data system gives you security that no information will be lost if something unexpected happens. Written commission agreements guarantee that our liability insurance is valid for our clients.

Tili Sydwest is an authorized member in the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms.

About our company

Tili Sydwest is an authorized accounting firm, which takes care of all kind of financial management. The company was established in 1988 by economist KLT Staffan Sundström. The first name of the company was Pargas Miljard Oy Ab, but it was changed in 2002 when our subsidiary was leagued by a fusion.

At this moment we serve clients from the whole Finland and we operate from Pargas (Parainen) 23 km from the centre of Turku in South West Finland. International companies with business in Finland is an expanding group of clients. Tili Sydwest can serve them as a reliable partner in all questions about financial management and human resources.

The chairman of the board is M.SC (BA), KLT Ove Arén and the managing director is Business Economist KLT Staffan Sundström.

Meet the Team

Business Advisor
Business Economist, KLT
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Business Advisor
+358 2 458 1425
Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration
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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
+358 2 458 9681
BBA student
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+358 2 458 1425
Accountant assistant
BBA student
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